Stonehorn Global Partners

Stonehorn’s founding members have partnered together in Asia for over 10 years and have a long track record investing in Asian equities. The three Founders of Stonehorn, Sam Lecornu, Duke Lo and John Lam, were founding members of Macquarie’s Asian Listed Equities Division in Hong Kong, where Sam was the Co-Founder and Head of Investments. In 2008, Sam brought his experience investing in Australia and applied it to Asia, and grew it into a multi-billion dollar business by 2018.

Our Founders’ first investment together in Asia was on May 28th, 2008 with less than US$10m. Since then we have built an extensive network of relationships with Asian companies, government bodies and industry contacts. This level of access together with our experience allows us to select our investments carefully by cross-checking our investment assumptions with management discussions, financial analysis and industry checks.

Our system is based on seamless collaboration with each member correctly trusting each other.